REVIEW: Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen



During the days when I work from home, there are times when I find myself going to the mall before my shift starts. One of those days I walked around the new wing of Shangri-la Mall. It was fairly new then so there aren’t many stores open. I was only looking for an organic shampoo but since it was lunchtime, I looked for a place to eat.  

Then I spot Ikkoryu. This was one of the restaurants Chard and I wanted to try for so long but since he was still in Sydney then, I tried this without him. /evil smile/ I ordered Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu (380 pesos) with extra order of Ajitama (50 pesos) which according to their menu in Munchpunch is “Ramen with spicy Tobanjan paste, resulting in absolutely appetizing and wholesome flavour“. And I’d have to agree with the description.

Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu Ramen with Ajitama
Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu Ramen with Ajitama

If my tongue isn’t playing with me, the base of this ramen is miso. It’s spicy but not to the point wherein you’d grab your drink after every bite. I love the noodles they used because it’s not the typical ramen noodles that almost looks like Nissin Ramen noodles. (Yes, the instant kind.) The use Chikuho noodles which looks like angel hair pasta. You can choose how hard you’d like your noodles and I suggest you get it hard. Al dente, I mean. That way, the noodles won’t turn soggy while you finish your ramen. The soup is very flavorful and not very oily. Even though it’s miso based, this wasn’t very salty so it’s a plus in my books! My only complain is that I only had one piece of meat in my soup. I’m not sure if it’s just my order but yeah. 🙁 However, the pork belly wasn’t full of fat so I don’t feel that guilty eating the whole piece.


Overall, this ramen place is still worth a try. It’s still one of the better ramens I’ve tried. If you like your ramen with a bit of spice, then try this ramen from Ikkoryu.

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