Gelato Edoardo: Stracciatella

I had high hopes for this, really. It wasn’t cheap after all.

I accompanied my mother to Unimart for some grocery shopping last Saturday. I love going to the grocery and seriously, I can stay there all day just looking at the things I can buy and use for cooking.

I was craving some Ben and Jerry’s since I wasn’t able to get it last week from Rustan’s. So I checked the ice cream section and was disappointed to see that they didn’t carry B&J’s.

However I saw this interesting looking tub of gelato and saw they have Stracciatella. It’s my favorite gelato flavor ever. I was so sad when Sol Gelato closed down in Venice Piazza because they make the best gelato I’ve ever tested here in Manila. So I was secretly on a hunt for the next best thing. So I said, why not try this? It wasΒ 204.25 pesos for the 425ml tub.

2014-03-01 23.27.31

This gelato was really a disappointment. πŸ™ I’m not a gelato expert but I was expecting a creamy vanilla textured ice cream with dark chocolate chips/swirls. This isn’t creamy at all. The texture is slightly comparable to sherbet. It’s kind of icy and blah. I couldn’t even finish 3 spoonfuls of it that I placed in my bowl. πŸ™

2014-03-01 23.31.17


I’m not sure if I just had a bad batch or if there are better flavors that Gelato Edoardo offers. Just don’t waste your money on the Stracciatella flavor.

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3 thoughts on “Gelato Edoardo: Stracciatella”

    1. Yes I have! πŸ™‚ I find it too sweet pero masarap nga gelato nila. they do not carry stracciatella sadly πŸ™ I have yet to try B&J, di pa ako nakakatikim. XD

      1. i like it because the texture and consistency is perfect talaga! πŸ™‚ hehe i remember that I used to buy straciatella from an italian resto in Rockwell that has now closed. Yummy naman. haha. B&J is so good! Fave ko yung cherry garcia and strawberry cheesecake. I haven’t tried a whole lot of flavor though, but it’s really worth trying! πŸ™‚

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