REVIEW: A Tale of Two Minuits (Dior Diorific Lipstick)

You’re in for quite a story today. And it involves 2 lipsticks with the same name, from the same company but with different colors.

Chard frequented Singapore in 2013 since it was his layover to and from Sydney. He was there for about 7-8 months for work.  So every time he comes home, he will always ask me if I want anything from Changi Airport. He knows my usual answer: Makeup.  Since he knows nada about it, I have my Evernote ready for a list. So on his last trip from Sydney, I gave him a list and this included Dior Minuit Diorific lipstick. It was part of Dior’s Winter collection that came out around November in the US.  It’s a reddish pink lipstick. I included a picture of the lipstick and the shade number so that he wouldn’t have a hard time looking for it.

So imagine my horror when he showed me this:

Minuit! Nude version.
Minuit! Nude version.

I tried to hide my disappointment but I couldn’t. I am not a fan of nude shimmery lipsticks and this one has a lot of shimmer. He said it said Minuit in the label and it was limited edition just like what I told him. Well, he’s right and I don’t blame him. I guess they have different releases in different parts of the world. Rawr. Side-eyeing you, Dior.  A few weeks later, I ordered it from Lachiquecouture as it was still available in Nordstrom.

Well, well, well. Look at the labels, they’re both Minuit.
Left is shade 318, right is shade 046.

So yes I have 2 versions of Dior’s Minuit Diorific Lipstick. The nude one (318) is a beige with lots of gold shimmer in it. It looks nice on the lips actually, not drying at all. I like Dior’s formula, I mean how can it not be good, it’s expensive after all.  However because of the shimmer, it can get gritty after a few hours of wear time.

Wearing 318 Minuit
046 Minuit

I really love the red Minuit (046) . It is the perfect pinkish red that’s not very shiny. It’s like matte with pinkish gold shimmer that’s very subtle when worn. The shimmer transfers like crazy when you remove it though. Like the nude one, it can get quite patchy and gritty after a few hours because of the glitter.

Wearing 046 Minuit
Wearing 046 Minuit

The scent. They have this strong floral, sort of granny scent. It fades away after a few minutes so if you do not mind that, then you’re gonna love this. Overall, I don’t regret getting both but I’m going to have better use of the red one.

I have yet to find a Dior lipstick that doesn’t have shimmer. I really love the formula of their lipsticks so I’m excited to try the non-shimmer ones.

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