Time to review these babies since I’ve had them for quite some time now.

Closer look at the swatch: Striking (TOP), Audacious (BOTTOM)

I have the shades Striking and Audacious. I know, I know, they both look orange. I think it’s the inner Shinhwa fangirl in me that attracted me to these shades.

Striking – orange with red undertones. This isn’t as pigmented and weirdly, I am liking it. I can wear this every day with a simple smokey eye without looking so out there with my look.

Photo 4-2-14, 4 04 52 PM
Sporting the shade ‘Striking’

Audacious – an orange shade. It is the perfect lipstick for the summer months.  A lot of people are afraid of orange lipsticks but I think this shade will look gorgeous with a tan.

Photo 4-2-14, 4 07 45 PM
‘Audacious’ actually makes your skin glow. Fresh!

Revlon’s matte balms are minty so it’s cool on the lips.  However, it doesn’t last long so you’d be fine even if you’re not a fan of the minty feeling.  It is very light weight too – most of the time I do not feel it on my lips. This can be a staple in your handbag for the hot summer months. If you don’t love red/oranges, they have a great selection of pink and plumshades too.

Visit local Revlon counters so you could swatch and test them. They’re around 575 pesos each. I got mine from Bonmarchepage – they sell it for 400 pesos.

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