REVIEW: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lipstick (+ Swatches)

I am so excited to  share with you my rave for this awesome lip product from Happy Skin.  Happy Skin is a local brand founded by Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. Rissa is one of the few people in the modeling industry that I admire. So when I heard the buzz about the company on Instagram, I know I’m in for something great.

The video campaign below best  describes what the company is all about.

I’ve tried 3 products from their line: Don’t Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation, Eye Need A Miracle Concealer and the Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies.  This entry will be all about their lippies because so far, this is my most favorite of the three.

shut up and kiss me 2

My first lippie was Summer Fling.  It’s a sheer peachy shade.  I think this is the sheerest of all the shades I have. I am not wearing anything else except the lippie on my lip swatches below. As you can see, this has a sheen that brightens up my complexion.

summer fling swatch

Summer fling - indoor shot
Summer fling – indoor shot
Summer Fling - outdoor shot
Summer Fling – outdoor shot

Then I saw my team mate wearing this pink shade that’s similar to MAC’s Saint Germain but a bit warmer. She told me she was wearing Valentine Kiss and boy it did look gorgeous on her. Of course, I had to try it in store and eventually bought it.

Valentine Kiss
Valentine Kiss – outdoor shot

Now, let’s talk about the limited edition summer lippies. We have Sunset Kiss – a fiery red orange, Summer Crush – a medium coral bright pink and The Morning After – a mauve, MLBB shade. According to Happy Skin, these shades can be mixed for more color variety.

Photo credits: Happy Skin Facebook page
shut up and kiss me swatch
Swatches – outdoor shot

I really love all the summer edition lippies. I got the whole set and got to save 400 pesos and seriously, you won’t regret buying any shade. Sunset Kiss is the perfect red-orange for me. This doesn’t have an obvious shine and it’s not drying on the lips. Summer Crush perks up my skin whenever I wear it. It’s the perfect lippie to wear if you’re lazy to the usual makeup routine. BB cream + Mascara/liner and you’re good to go. The Morning After is a great MLBB shade. It’s perfect for a grey-toned smokey eye look. It looks dull on me in the swatches below because I’m not fully made up but it looks good if I have a base, liner, blush and mascara on.

Sunset Kiss - outdoor shot
Sunset Kiss – outdoor shot
Sunset Kiss - indoor shot
Sunset Kiss – indoor shot
Summer Crush - indoor shot
Summer Crush – indoor shot
Summer Cush - outdoor shot
Summer Cush – outdoor shot
The Morning After -  Indoor Shot
The Morning After – Indoor Shot
The Morning After - Outdoor Shot
The Morning After – Outdoor Shot

The formula of these lippies are amazing. You don’t need a lip balm underneath to keep your lips moisturized. No wonder they sell at least 100 of these every day! They’re opaque, creamy but lightweight. It’s hard to fight that right combination in a lipstick.

I told you this would be a rave, right? Make sure to try these at Beauty Bar, Plains & Prints and Rustan’s counter and save a few bucks on the summer limited edition lippie set! You will never regret getting them, promise.

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  1. OMGGG <3 I saw Isabelle Daza post about this on her IG, and I've been interested in trying out their products ever since *__* Summer Crush and Valentine Kiss look so good on you unnie~~ I personally wanna try Valentine Kiss pero baka di bagay on my skintone^^' Hehe~ Thanks for this rave! I think I'll go check these out!

    1. Thanks Mish! ❤️ Try mo in store muna. Then walk around the mall and see how it goes with your lips. 🙂 sana ok sayo, marami namang ibang shades. I’m sure you’ll find a shade that you will like and will suit your skin tone! 🙂

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