Tim Ho Wan – Is it worth the LONG wait?

photo by Richard Ilagan

The lines are long. They’re ALWAYS long especially on weekends. They open at 12 noon so no matter how early you line up, the first people in line will get seated at 11:45. So be prepared – bring food and water when you line up. I also suggest not lining up very hungry because you will really end up waiting for quite a while.  Also, they’re very strict with groups – if you’re lining up for a big group, make sure that you are complete before you are seated.

Chard and I lined up for dinner one Saturday and we waited for 45 minutes before we got seated. We lined up around 5:45pm and thought that it’s not that long of a wait.  Continue reading Tim Ho Wan – Is it worth the LONG wait?


I am back with another FOTD post! Putting on makeup is the most enjoyable part of prepping for the day. Whether I’d go to office, a date with the bf, it’s just something I really enjoy. Doing posts like this actually force me to look at all my stuff and use them more regularly. You don’t want to see the same products featured in my FOTD posts, right? So these kinds of posts are very helpful in keeping track and making sure I use the makeup I have. Continue reading FOTD #3

My favorite base products (Summer edition)

Yes I know it’s June already and it’s already starting to rain here in Manila. But you cannot deny the fact that the weather still very very hot, yes? So I’ve gathered my most used base products for the past months. Continue reading My favorite base products (Summer edition)