Review: Itsjudytime Eyeshadow Palette

judytime 1

I discovered Itsjudytime when I was looking for foundation reviews. This was early 2013 I think and then I discovered her other vlog channel Itsjudyslife, in which she does daily vlogs of her life. I learned she’s Filipino and I got so hooked because I thought Benji was cute and Julianna is just super adorbs!  And then she got pregnant with the twins and I guess the rest is history! Try watching their vlogs here and join the fun. <3 There’s a reason why they have almost 1 millions subscribers.

Anyway, let’s get to the review. I ordered this from The Primp Pad for 998 pesos. The price isn’t so bad especially if you’re a fan of neutrals.  You can really get a good use of the palette for everyday wear because it has mostly neutral shades.  Continue reading Review: Itsjudytime Eyeshadow Palette