Review: Itsjudytime Eyeshadow Palette

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I discovered Itsjudytime when I was looking for foundation reviews. This was early 2013 I think and then I discovered her other vlog channel Itsjudyslife, in which she does daily vlogs of her life. I learned she’s Filipino and I got so hooked because I thought Benji was cute and Julianna is just super adorbs!  And then she got pregnant with the twins and I guess the rest is history! Try watching their vlogs here and join the fun. <3 There’s a reason why they have almost 1 millions subscribers.

Anyway, let’s get to the review. I ordered this from The Primp Pad for 998 pesos. The price isn’t so bad especially if you’re a fan of neutrals.  You can really get a good use of the palette for everyday wear because it has mostly neutral shades. 

According to the BH Cosmetics website:

It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous collection of 12 eyeshadows perfect for daytime or date night! Ranging from pretty neutrals to jewel tones of blue and purple this collection of colors, hand-picked by famed Beauty Guru ItsJudyTime, features satin, shimmer and matte finish eyeshadows.

judytime 2
Size comparison vs. a NARS blush compact
2014-10-03 12.43.49
Natural Light
judytime 3 indoor
Indoor shot

2014-10-05 16.02.13 2014-10-05 16.09.13

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was mostly neutrals. As you can see, the shades are mostly on the warm side especially the shadows on the top row. The only cool toned shadows are 3 shades of purples and blue on the lower row – which is a plus for me since I love warm-toned palettes.

Swatches and Shades

judytime 3 outdoor with num
1 – matte cream color  – can be used as a browbone highlight or as a base
2 – matte caramel/tan color – can be used as a transition shade
3  – golden light brown – satin not very shimmery
4 – matte taupey-brown – can be used to define your crease
5 – matte burgundy – brownish purple color that looks nice on the outer V
6 – shimmery golden brown with specks of gold – looks great on the outer V too and can be used as a liner on the upper and lower lash line
7 – shimmery Rose Gold – very beautiful all over the lid color
8 – bronze shimmery with a red undertone – can be used on the outer V too
9 – Black purple with red flecks – This appears more black than plum so it can be used as a liner
10 – Light purple shimmery shade – can be used as a pop of color in the inner corners or on the waterline
11 – Matte periwinkle – bluish purplish matte shade
12 – Royal Blue with shimmer – can be used on the outer V if you’re doing a navy bluish eye look


The swatches  were done with no primer but the shades didn’t come off that pigmented on the first swipe. I had to go back to the pan and took  me 2-3 swipes to show you a clear swatch. That doesn’t mean the pigmentation is not good enough though. It’s actually quite good for a drugstore brand! I admit I am a snob when it comes to eyeshadows. My very first eyeshadow palette was Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette and I have the Laura Mercier Artist Palette so I know how high quality shadows feels like. But for the price, these aren’t so bad. You know how shadows can swatch differently on your arm and apply differently on the lids? This is the case here. The shadows are creamy and apply nicely on the lids. You won’t have a hard time getting pigmentation. There isn’t much fallout as well. Apply over a base or primer and you’re sure to get 8-10 hours on these with minimal fading. For the look below, I used the matte cream shadow #1 all over the lid as base. On my crease, I used a combination of #4 and #5 which are both matte to make my eyes appear deeper since I have mono eyelids. Then on the inner part of the lid, I used #7 rose-gold shade and on the outer part, I used #8 which is a darker bronze color. judytime 3 outdoor with num

2014-10-03 13.59.49

Overall,  this is an affordable alternative to high end eyeshadow palettes. If you don’t have much budget, purchase this palette and you’d have something to use on a daily basis and for your night outs because it has a good amount of matte and shimmer/satin shades.

You may also purchase this straight from the BH Cosmetics website. It’s on sale at 8.95 USD. Such a bargain! So if you have friends or relatives coming home from the US soon, order it from the website and get it at a lower price.

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