Origins Clear Improvement Mask

2014-11-26 00.57.18

Yes it’s the time of the month. You want to cry for no reason at all. You crave for sweets and salty food like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s also the time when your skin feels most vulnerable. Breakouts here and there, on your forhead, chin, on your nose. It’s not a pretty sight, right? I was already not feeling well  because of my colds when my monthly visitor sneaked right in. Double ugh. I hate dysmenorrhea.

So after my lovely anniversary date with Chard, I decided to treat myself a mini pampering session. I knew my skin needed some TLC so after a hot shower, I got my Origins Clear Improvement Mask and slathered it on my face. On initial application, you’ll feel that it tingles and warms up a bit. I leave it on for a good 20 minutes until it sort of hardens on the skin. To remove, I splash my face with warm water and use a face towel to make sure my face is clean and sans all the residue.

2014-11-26 00.58.38

2014-11-26 00.59.34
This is how it looks like when spread out on the skin.
2014-11-26 01.16.25
How it looks like when dry

This mask is actually a good way to clear your skin of toxins because activated charcoal is its main ingredient. It draws out impurities from your skin and leaves your skin feeling cleaner and smoother. That’s what my skin feels like every single time I use this. It looks brighter as well, definitely looking much healthier.

I give high priority to skincare so I don’t mind shelling out a little more for it. I don’t think Origins is available locally. I usually buy Origins in duty free shops whenever I travel or I ask relatives/friends get it for me in the US.  This is quite pricey at 25 US dollars per 100ml but I think it’s worth it. I only have the 50 ml version since I got it from a set.  There’s an Origins Mask set that’s gonna be on sale for Black Friday (link from Temptalia) in Sephora so grab it if you can.