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Winter is not yet over so I think it’s still not too late to talk about  about bold lips. Most specifically, berry lips.  I love dark lips. Be it red or plum/berry – I really love the look of it. It’s a great color that can easily brighten up your bare face. I remember seeing Heart Evangelista on TV 4 years ago sporting a beautiful vampy lip and I thought to myself: I want a lip stick like that. I asked my aunt from the US to buy me my very first MAC lipstick, REBEL. I loved it so much that I didn’t bother to buy or look  for any other plum lipsticks. It’s a dark purple that looks great opaque and looks great when sheered out as well. It also fades gorgeously into a light purple/pinkish stain. This is probably the “driest” of them all when it comes to texture. It’s a satin so it has a bit of a shine, but it feels a little bit drying on the lips as I wear it throughout the day.

Read more about the other shades after the cut!

Fall 2014 came and there were so much blogposts and videos suggesting vampy lips. I became determined to get more berry shades. There’s that famous Rimmel Kate lipstick in 107. My friend told me that this shade was so hard to find in the drugstores when she went to the US last August ’14. That’s when I confirmed that it was that popular. I gave up the thought that I’d be able to buy that shade so when I went to Korea last October, I looked for something similar. Korea has so much makeup brands that literally, everywhere you look you’d be able to spot an Etude House, a Tony Moly or a Face Shop store. After endless swatches I did in countless stores, I decided to get the The Face Shop Face It Artist Cube Lipstick in 06 Full Red. It was on originally 17,000 Korean won or approx 765 pesos but I got it with 20% discount so price went down to 612 pesos. I really like the texture of this lipstick. It’s similar to MAC’s amplified finish so it’s not drying and fades nicely throughout the day. I know it’s not cheap by Korean makeup standards and but for the pigmentation and texture, it’s worth the price.

Then my Dad decided to go to the US at the last minute in December so you know what that means: I get to buy makeup and have my Dad bring them home for me. Nyahahaha. I was able to find Rimmel Kate 107 in (along with other makeup items I srzly do not need). Now I know why this is always sold out in stores. It is a beautiful berry red. The shade has the perfect amount of berry and red and it will look beautiful across all skintones. The texture is so velvety matte that it’s so comfortable on the lips. No shine at all but it never dried out my lips. Amazing. I want moar!

I then read Shari’s post on Nars Audacious lipsticks and decided to look for Vivien in Korea duty free stores. Sadly, I learned that it was exclusive to Barney’s in the US. I looked for an alternative and went with Nars Audacious in Vera.  NARS Audacious lipsticks aren’t cheap and they really feel luxurious on your lips. They glide on smoothly and are extremely pigmented. One swipe is all you need to get a fully opaque color. This didn’t dry out my lips throughout the day.


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L-R: TFS Full Red, Rimmel 107, MAC Rebel, Nars Vera

Full Red is more purple and deeper than 107, Vera is pinker/redder than 107. Rebel is the most purple out of all these lipsticks. Full Red looks deeper and redder on the lips than on the arm swatches. They kind of look the same in the arm swatches but as you can see in the lip swatches, they look quite different.

Lip Swatches

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Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What is your favorite bold lipstick?

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