Gem in the drugstore: Prestige Total Intensity Eyeshadows (Bewitched and Hocus Pocus)

Total Intensity ES 1

During one of my Beauty Bar visits, I chanced upon swatching Youngblood eyeshadow quads. There were some quads in their sale section but it was all purples and blues which didn’t appeal to me very much. I am one of those who lean towards neutral eyeshadows. I went to the regular line and checked out the eyeshadow quads and I swatched the most amazing warm taupey-mauve shade in the world. It’s so creamy and pigmented and has the most beautiful sheen huhu but the palette is so freaking expensive. It’s more than 2500 pesos. Really for a quad?! I don’t want to spend too much since I know I only liked one eyeshadow. So I tried roaming around looking for dupes for that particular eyeshadow. I found alternatives in the Total Intensity line of Prestige. They are both my first duochrome eyeshadows and I think I am in love. <3

Read more about these eyeshadows after the cut.

Total Intensity ES 2

Total Intensity ES 4


Total Intensity ES 3
Hocus Pocus

Total Intensity ES 6Bewitched looks like a silver-champagne shade at first glance but if you look at it closely in the pan, you can see  a ring of brown surrounding the pan. Once swatched on my arm, it appears beige-brown. Multi-dimensional, huh? But when I wore it on my eyes, I saw some forest green peeking through. I know, I know, my descriptions are all over the place. But it’s really hard to describe. It’s very creamy, pigmented and lasts around 8 hours on my lids, sans primer. FYI – my lids are quite oily. 

Hocus-pocus looks green on the pan but swatches show it as a warm sort of reddish brown. But on the lids, it’s like a green with brown undertone. Again, this is how a duo-chrome should work right? I think I captured this very well in the photo of me wearing the shadow below. This has the same texture and lasting power as Bewitched. I can wear them all day and there’s minimal fading and they don’t crease on me.

Total Intensity ES 9

Total Intensity ES 12
Wearing Bewitched eyeshadow all over the lid
Total Intensity ES 10
Wearing Bewitched on the crease and Hocus Pocus all over the lid.

I took these photos 6-7 hours after first application and as you can see, they do not crease and they still look pretty good.

I really love the fact that I can wear these shadows on its own, together or combined with other eyeshadows.  At 545 pesos a pop, they’re not the cheapest in the drugstore but with the quality of these, they are worth every peso.

Check them out in Beauty Bar stores near you!

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3 thoughts on “Gem in the drugstore: Prestige Total Intensity Eyeshadows (Bewitched and Hocus Pocus)”

  1. Not bad. I gave away my wet ‘n wild comfort zone 8-pan palette because I was only using one pan – the definer shade at the bottom right — it’s a duochrome that looks very similar to hocus pocus. Nanghinayang ako that the 7 other pans would go to waste.

    I’ve tried looking for an eyeshadow single like it and the only one I found (that’s available here) is MAC Club, and I won’t spend 1k for a single eyeshadow. I guess, compared to MAC, Hocus pocus is ok-priced.

    1. Hi Rae! I don’t have MAC club but ayun, try it in store, baka magustuhan mo. But you are on a makeup ban, so err. Hehe. xo

    2. I just ordered Comfort Zone last month and it’s coming in a few weeks. So excited to use it! Try Hocus Pocus next time to pass by Beauty Bar, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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