My Favorite Face Brushes

My Fave Face Brushes 1withtextI believe that having the right tools are just as important as your makeup collection. I remember lemming over MAC 217 back when I was just starting my makeup hobby because that’s the only thing I can afford in the whole MAC brush line. Everything is so damn expensive.  A few months and tons of youtube videos later, I learned that MAC is not the only brand out there. There are brands that aren’t so expensive that offer quality brushes too, like Real Techniques, Sigma and Zoeva.

Zoeva 104 Buffing Brush

Buffer Brush












My thoughts: This looks very similar to Sigma’s F80 flat top kabuki brush. I bought this since this is cheaper plus it was on sale at 35% off.  It’s very soft and dense so you can really buff in the foundation onto your skin. I usually use this with my heavier-coverage foundations like Nars Sheer Glow and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light.

Where to buy:  Luxola: 915 php ; Zoeva Website: 18 USD

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Blush Brush












My thoughts: Honestly, this brush is too big for me to use as a blush brush. I can actually make it work but I prefer a smaller one especially when I want precise application of blush.   I mostly use this as an overall bronzing brush.

Where to buy: Kalm Cosmetics: 580 php , Kalm Cosmetics is also available in The Ramp Crossings, Glorietta 3.

Zoeva Luxe Face Definer

Luxe Face Definer text

My thoughts: I use this for powder application. My go to powder these days is the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in Vanille. I use this to set my face after my liquid foundation. The bristles are so soft that’s why I super love it.

Where to buy:  Luxola: 1,203 php ; Zoeva Website: 24 USD

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Expert Face













My thoughts: I found a new use for this brush.  I used to use it only for liquid foundations. I mean, it does it so well, mind you, but I tried using it to blend concealer for my under eyes and it spreads and blends it so amazingly well.

Where to buy: Kalm Cosmetics: 580 php , Kalm Cosmetics is also available in The Ramp Crossings, Glorietta 3.

Real Techniques Multitask Brush, ELF Complexion Brush, Ecotools Blush brush

My Fave Face Brush 2

My thoughts:  All of these 3 brushes I use interchangeably for blush and setting/finishing powder.  Their shape is almost the same – not so flat, fluffy and deposits the right amount of powder product where you need it. They are very soft and not scratchy.   Out of the three brushes, I think you get more bang for you buck with Elf. It’s just 3 USD if you buy in the US. I got the multitask brush from Sam’s Pick’s set before, but it’s also available in the Travel Essentials Set. The Ecotools blush brush was from the 6-pc starter set – it was the very first brush set that I bought. *cue senti music here*

Where to buy: Ecotools and Real Techniques – Kalm
Cosmetics (Official Distributor of Ecotools and Real Techniques in the Philippines). ELF – from online sellers like The Primp Pad or Stuff In Style.

Hope this post helped you guys decide what brushes to get especially when you’re just starting your collection.

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  1. I am sooo happy I bought the real techniques expert face brush. My favorite for a very long time was shiseido perfect face brush and it’s almost 3x as much.

    1. Ganda no? Recently hindi ko siya mashado ginagamit, tapos nung ginamit ko ulit saka ko narealize how good it really is! 🙂 Mad props to the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic, for creating a line of brushes na good quality pero affordable!

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