In love with Colourpop (Review and Swatches)

I first heard of Colourpop through CoffeebreakwithDani and KathleenLights. I saw videos of them swatching their eyeshadows that only cost 5 USD each. Like come on? Really that cheap?! But then I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes so I forgot all about it until I’ve seen videos of them doing swatches of the “lippie stix” which is CP’s version of a lipstick. Again, my weakness is lipsticks so I was curious and bought a few of their eyeshadows and lippie stix from Prettymoody’s IG account. Got the eyeshadow and lippie stix for 350 pesos each. As you can see in the photo, one of the eyeshadows was broken when I got it. Colourpop’s formulation is known to be a very soft, gel-like powder. It feels like cream when you touch it and sets as powder on the lids.  So I just had to press down the crumbs and cracks and they’re sort of back to the original shape.

The lippie stix costs 5USD each too. If you think about it, it’s not really that cheap because it only has 1g of product. MAC has 3.4g. However, if you’re the type who has a lot of lipsticks in your rotation, then you’re good. You won’t be able to finish a tube anyway. 10890877_1584534218456888_1241835932_n

I’ll show you swatches of what’s left and what’s new in my Colourpop collection at the moment. I sold the eyeshadows since I didn’t really need them and I know I won’t be able to use them much because they’re all glittery.  Matte eyeshadow fan here. I don’t even remember why I chose those shades. So I have Frida (collab with CoffeebreakwithDani), Lumiere (collab with Kathleenlights) lippie stix, and some blushes and lippie stix from the In Bloom collection.

Photo 5-28-15, 12 11 36 PMPhoto 5-28-15, 12 11 48 PM

L-R: Frida, Frenemie, Lumiere
L-R: Frida, Frenemie, Lumiere

Lumierematte (5 USD in the website). It’s a blue-based nude pink. I really love the matte formula of their lippie stix because they’re creamy, comfortable and non-drying. I seldom wear blue-based pink but this is a good every day lipstick. This actually reminds me of MAC Syrup except for the fact that Syrup is sheer and has sheen since it’s a lustre. It lasts 5-6 hours on me – that’s with eating light snacks and drinking from a cup.

Fridasatin (5 USD in the website).  This is a peachy, coral nude shade. It is the warm kind of nude that I am more likely to wear. I find that peachy nudes suit my skintone better. This is very pigmented like the matte one and comfortable to wear too.  Wear time is almost the same as Lumiere.

Frenemie – cream (5 USD in the website).  This is the brightest of the bunch and the one that stains the most. It’s a very bright red-coral shade that’s a perfect partner for Tongue-tied blush. What I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t apply as evenly as Lumiere and Frida. Maybe my lips aren’t in their best condition but I didn’t have any problem with the previous two shades. Nevertheless, I like the even stain that it gives my lips after a whole day of wearing it.

Colourpop lip swatches: Frida, Lumiere, Frenemie
Colourpop lip swatches: Frida, Lumiere, Frenemie

In Bloom Collection (Double Dip highlighter, Frenemie Lippie, Tongue-tied Blush)

Double Dip (8 USD in the website). I really love this highlighter! I mean, I don’t usually use a highlighter because at the end of the day, it just  adds to the shine that my face usually accumulates. I currently have two left in my stash, the Wet and Wild Fergie one and this one from Colourpop. This one is a peachy, non-glittery highlight. It looks warmer than my WnW one which has silver shimmer and pink undertone.  I like it because it doesn’t have chunks of glitter in it but it gives a beautiful sheen to your cheekbones. I usually use my fingers to apply because the stippling blush which I often use with my cream blushes just doesn’t work. My fingers pick up just the right product to place on tops of my cheeks. I tried using a dense paddle foundation brush like the one from Sigma and it works okay too.  I am wearing this in all of the photos and you won’t notice it much, sadly. It’s that subtle, but in person, you can see the pretty sheen. 

Tongue-tied (8 USD in the website). It’s a dark coral blush (matte) that can be scary looking in pan because of the intense shade. This blush looks very pigmented once you swatch it but actually, when you use a brush, it’s not very hard to control it.  It clings to your fingers more than your brush, if you get what I mean. This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. Since it has this sort of cream formulation, it doesn’t kick off powder so you don’t waste any product.  Because of the creamy formulation, it blends beautifully on the cheeks too. I am wearing the blush in all of the photos as well and as you can see, it gives my cheeks a very pretty flush!

Wearing colourpop Tongue-tied as blush and Double Dip as highlighter
Wearing colourpop Tongue-tied as blush and Double Dip as highlighter

The hype is real guys. Colourpop has really good quality products at a very affordable price. It’s dangerous to lurk on their website because you’d end up adding so much stuff in your cart because it’s so cheap!

Where to buy: from online sellers on Instagram or relatives from the US. I ordered In Bloom collection from their website (it’s so pretty go check it out). I know this is limited edition but it’s still available so hurry up if you want to snag one. I used Paypal to order and shipped the item to my friend who’s on vacation in the US.

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  1. Hi Sunshine Girl, I just wanted to ask how did the colourpop delivered the products to you, is it door to door? please reply because I really wanted to buy there products, thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Tracey.

      I apologize for the late reply. I asked my friend to buy it from me from the US. Colourpop now offers international shipping though. I think it’s 25USD via USPS First Class mail.

      1. hi i’m planning to buy through their website this time. does our customs charge anything for that? thanks

        1. Hi Grace.

          Sorry for the very late reply. I haven’t tried shipping directly to Manila. I heard from my friend though, she ordered last month. It arrived 3 weeks later and it was almost held at customs because of the new ruling regarding shipped items. May limit na kasi.

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