L’oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks (Review and Swatches)



Loreal Matte 2Well, well. I think I may have found a really good matte formula.  This review will be short and quick since it doesn’t need a long intro. (But really, I am just lazy to write a long one.) I bought the first one, Raspberry Syrup, because it was on sale at 400 pesos last May. I didn’t really need a new lipstick (says no beauty lover ever) but the discounted price tempted me and the shade name reminded me of my first Bobbi Brown Lipstick –  Cosmic Raspberry. The color is nothing like the Bobbi Brown one though. Raspberry Syrup is a reddish pink shade that leans a little bit coral. Now for the last two shades, I only got them last week since they were still on sale. (Come on L’oreal, my wallet is empty already.) Spring Rosette is a pretty nice neutral and muted pink. I would call it a nude but many may disagree. It’s a good every day lip color. Glamour Fuchsia is my favorite of the lot. It’s a magenta purple.  I’ve been looking for a matte purple lipstick that won’t look to clownish on me and this is the one. Thanks to Rae for the reco! I’m only wearing Bourjois CC cream and a bit of pencil on my eyebrows on the photos below. Sorry for the change of lighting in the photos. Oh you know, sun.

SwatchesSpring Rosette FaceGlamour Fuchsia FaceRaspberry Syrup FaceThese L’oreal moist matte ones are not drying, stays on pretty long (5-6 hours) and fades pretty nicely. It has this slightly powdery texture that feels lightweight. Super love! <3 These lipticks are still on sale at 400 pesos until June 30, 2015 so grab one if you can! It’s worth it.

P.S. My Glamour Fuchsia broke while I was swatching it. Huhu. They are creamy so make sure not to twist all the way up before you use it. A , warning to you, just in case. 

4 thoughts on “L’oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks (Review and Swatches)”

  1. I super love Fuschia on you!!!! and I noticed how you wear bold colors so well!!!! Di ka ba nahhassle having to check if nassmear? hahahaha sobang allergic ako to bold colors recently just because hassle! :)))

    1. Thank you max! HAHA. Actually, feel ko iniisip na ng officemates ko super vain ko na. Kasi madalas ako magcheck sa pocket mirror ko if may nagsmear ba. HAHAHA. XD Ok lang though, I really love this shade of purplish pink. Nakakabuhay ng face! 😀

  2. Thanks for the shout out.

    Anyway, I’m on the fence with Spring Rosette. Yung parang microshimmers nya na purple, it turns me off. Sana 400 yung lipsticks nila forever. Gusto ko pa nung Pure Garnet

    1. Hi Rae! I don’t see the microshimmers. HAHA. Or hindi ko lang mashado natitigan. And I don’t feel it on the lips too so ok lang siya.

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