My MAC Lip Pencil Collection (Review and Swatches)

I’ve been on a lip pencil spree for the past 3 months already. I don’t even remember how this started because if I remember it correctly, I am not interested in lip pencils before. I find them useless. I guess watching beauty bloggers like Viviana and Lily changed my mind. They’ve been talking about MAC lip pencils for the past months and it got me interested in it again.

My first MAC lip pencil was Cherry which I got 2 years ago? I bought it together with MAC Red here in SM Aura. I thought I needed a red lip pencil to prevent my red lipsticks from bleeding. I also tried NYX lip pencils a few weeks back but didn’t like them because they were too dry. I thought, that’s it, I’m so done with these lip pencils.



But then I got Spice from a blog sale a year ago when it was super popular because of Kylie Jenner. Scored a brand new one at 800 pesos. It tried it on and I was wowed by how creamy it is. It was my first brown lip color too. Then I got Heroine from a 2014 holiday set. Whirl – I got this pre-loved from Beauty Exchange group in Facebook. While watching one of Lily Pebbles’ vlogs, I became interested in Soar. But that one is always sold out here in MAC stores. But Kathleenlights mentioned that In Control was a similar shade so I hunted that down instead. All of those except for Cherry, I hauled last year. I am hopeless, I know. Let’s not talk about the other lip pencils I bought from Korea and local brands.



MAC lip pencils are among the creamiest lip pencils that I’ve tried in the market. They are slightly more drying than your usual MAC mattes though but I am okay with it. I can wear them alone or under another lipstick. I usually wear them alone but before filling my lip in, I just wear a lip balm to moisturize my lips first. Then I remove the excess balm and then use the pencil as a lip color.


Heroine – Purplish pink

Cherry – Red with a pink undertone

Spice – Nude Brown (warmer than Whirl)

Whirl – Nude Greyish brown

In Control – Nude pink with slight peach undertone

Arm Swatch

Recently Updated1

Recently Updated2What I like most about these pencils is that they’re very long wearing. I can eat 2 meals and these stick on even after 6-8 hours. They fade evenly too. The downside of using it as your lip color is that, you’ll finish the product faster. You don’t get much with these and they need sharpening so you lose more product in the process. However, if your lipstick often bleeds on your, then I suggest getting one of these. Fill in your lips, don’t just line it. It’ll help you avoid the dreaded “ring” around your lips after eating. They also help your lipstick last longer. Some makeup artists suggest to line your lips after applying lipstick to help it go on smoother. I have tried this once, and I need more practice. It’s hard. Haha.

Hope you enjoyed my MAC lip pencil collection. Share your thoughts if you’ve tried any of these or other shade of lip pencils.

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