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Topshop Beauty Haul (First Impression and Swatches)


I’ve always seen Topshop beauty in the  vlogs of UK beauty bloggers. So imagine my excitement when I saw the beauty section of Topshop when I visited Melbourne. It was the start of fashion week so they had 20% promo on all regular items from 5pm – 10pm that day. Yes!

Eyes – Nude Eye Contour in Naked (18 AUD)

Topshop Beauty haul

It’s Topshop’s version of a MAC paintpot but this is smaller. Paintpot has 0.17 oz and this one only has 0.7 oz.  I bought this because I thought it looked very similar to Groundwork. But looking at swatches online, Groundwork is definitely darker and warmer.   Continue reading Topshop Beauty Haul (First Impression and Swatches)

Travel Beauty Essentials (Winter edition)

Wassup, I am back with another post! I recently went on a trip to Melbourne and I thought of doing a blogpost of what makeup I’d bring there. But then things got crazy so I wasn’t able to make the post. So now that I am back, I am able to gather my thoughts and do a post that will hopefully be helpful to travellers.

I was in Melbourne for 9 days, it was near the end of winter. Cold, but not snowing. So I opted for dewy foundations/tinted moisturizer and decided to leave the powder behind. I made sure I had all lip color options, a pink, a red, a nude. As much as possible, I stayed away for mattes because it will dry my lips more. I brought a gloss because I know it will save me in the cold weather. I had two cheek options too- one cream and one powder. I brought cream shadow sticks and an eyeshadow palette. As for brushes, I brought a buffing brush, a blush brush, stippling brush and 2 eye brushes. I was able to fit everything in 3 pouches – that include skincare, body care and makeup. I was quite impressed with my packing skills if I may say.

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Palgantong Vita White BB Super Cover (Review and Swatches)

Sorry for the lack of posts. It’s been a crazy 2 months for me. I transitioned to a new role at work and I’m preparing for an Aussie trip! So excited! Okay, so let’s hop on to the review.
Palgantong 1


Palgantong Vita White BB Super Cover SPF 30 PA++ ; 30ml

Available at these online shops, BeautyandMineral, BeautyMNL

I got this BB cream as a free gift from Sample Room when I availed of their VIP membership. It was very generous of them to give away a full size product.  I have the shade #10 Light Beige which is the more yellow toned than #20 Natural Beige. Yep, they only have 2 shades.  Palgantong is a Japanese brand and they’re popular for their theatrical loose powder. It’s said to be used by Korean movie stars. Continue reading Palgantong Vita White BB Super Cover (Review and Swatches)

L’oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks (Review and Swatches)



Loreal Matte 2Well, well. I think I may have found a really good matte formula.  This review will be short and quick since it doesn’t need a long intro. (But really, I am just lazy to write a long one.) I bought the first one, Raspberry Syrup, because it was on sale at 400 pesos last May. I didn’t really need a new lipstick (says no beauty lover ever) but the discounted price tempted me and the shade name reminded me of my first Bobbi Brown Lipstick –  Cosmic Raspberry. The color is nothing like the Bobbi Brown one though. Raspberry Syrup is a reddish pink shade that leans a little bit coral. Now for the last two shades, I only got them last week since they were still on sale. (Come on L’oreal, my wallet is empty already.) Spring Rosette is a pretty nice neutral and muted pink. I would call it a nude but many may disagree. It’s a good every day lip color. Glamour Fuchsia is my favorite of the lot. It’s a magenta purple.  I’ve been looking for a matte purple lipstick that won’t look to clownish on me and this is the one. Thanks to Rae for the reco! I’m only wearing Bourjois CC cream and a bit of pencil on my eyebrows on the photos below. Sorry for the change of lighting in the photos. Oh you know, sun.

SwatchesSpring Rosette FaceGlamour Fuchsia FaceRaspberry Syrup FaceThese L’oreal moist matte ones are not drying, stays on pretty long (5-6 hours) and fades pretty nicely. It has this slightly powdery texture that feels lightweight. Super love! <3 These lipticks are still on sale at 400 pesos until June 30, 2015 so grab one if you can! It’s worth it.

P.S. My Glamour Fuchsia broke while I was swatching it. Huhu. They are creamy so make sure not to twist all the way up before you use it. A , warning to you, just in case. 

In love with Colourpop (Review and Swatches)

I first heard of Colourpop through CoffeebreakwithDani and KathleenLights. I saw videos of them swatching their eyeshadows that only cost 5 USD each. Like come on? Really that cheap?! But then I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes so I forgot all about it until I’ve seen videos of them doing swatches of the “lippie stix” which is CP’s version of a lipstick. Again, my weakness is lipsticks so I was curious and bought a few of their eyeshadows and lippie stix from Prettymoody’s IG account. Got the eyeshadow and lippie stix for 350 pesos each. As you can see in the photo, one of the eyeshadows was broken when I got it. Colourpop’s formulation is known to be a very soft, gel-like powder. It feels like cream when you touch it and sets as powder on the lids.  So I just had to press down the crumbs and cracks and they’re sort of back to the original shape.

The lippie stix costs 5USD each too. If you think about it, it’s not really that cheap because it only has 1g of product. MAC has 3.4g. However, if you’re the type who has a lot of lipsticks in your rotation, then you’re good. You won’t be able to finish a tube anyway. 10890877_1584534218456888_1241835932_n

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An Ode to Forevermore Finale

I know it’s been a while since my last post and this new one isn’t even beauty related. And this isn’t really a poem but a tribute. But, whatever. This is my only semi-active blog and I seriously needed to write my thoughts on this or else I’d go crazy.

I wasn’t able to watch this show right from the very beginning. I was interested yes, but since I had work, I really didn’t watch religiously. I watch when I work from home or when national holiday falls on a weekday and I’m just at home. Only when Christmas vacation came that I was able to watch this every day and since then I was hooked. The last teleserye I watched religiously was My Destiny, na napilitan lang ako tapusin dahil gusto ko si Tom and Carla. The last one that I really loved was Got To Believe. I really loved G2B because Kathniel’s chemistry is undeniably awesome. Talagang nakakakilig sila.  And the way they gave life to the characters, ang galing lang. Sobrang galing at consistent ng characters ni Chichay at Joaquin. Simula pa lang, alam mong mahal nila ang isa’t isa. Ramdam mo, kahit nagbook 2, kahit na nakalimot si Joaquin, andun yung pagmamahal na nakalimutan man ng isip niya, pero hindi ng puso niya. Yun ang talagang nagustuhan ko sa G2B. Characterization. Story wise – simple lang naman siya e. Pero ang highlight for me ay ang characters and Kathniel’s portrayal.

Okay, before you think this is a G2B post, kalma lang. I think I have to establish the fact that since I watched G2B, I saw some similarities in Forevermore. Siyempre, same director e. And baka same ng writers? Hindi ako sigurado. Pero ramdam ko yung similarities especially nung patapos na siya. And I am not saying this because it’s a bad thing. It’s actually good that I recognize Direk Cathy’s style and how the writers do a spin to a story? HAHA. I just find it endearing that I like the same stuff created by the same team and people.

As I write this, Forevermore finale episode is playing for the nth (4th) time. After all, this post is really about the finale. Hindi ko sinasabing hindi mahalaga ang mga nakaraang episodes. Kasi hindi naman tayo aabot dito, kung hindi dahil sa mga naunang episodes. Gusto ko lang talagang sabihin na satisfied ako sa finale. May mga nabitin, mga mga nawalan ng tiwala kung kaya bang i-pull off ng writers ang last episode dahil sa mga nangyari. Ako, nagtiwala. Dahil alam kong hindi naman pwedeng hindi happy ending ito. Filipino teleserye parin ‘to, kailangan masaya. At alam ko kung gaano kabilis magpaikot ng storya ang writers. Yung may sense ha, hindi yung tipong bara-bara lang na basta nangyari. Perfect example: nagawa nga nila na pagbatiin ang La Presans at si Xander sa iisang episode lang. Ansabe ng plot twist na yun?! Kaya nga alam kong hindi tayo bibiguin ng writers at ni Direk Cathy sa ending. At tama ako. Para sa akin, sobra-sobra pa nga ang naganap. Ang galing-galing. Sabi nga ni Sir France, “the road to Forevermore” will be a long and bumpy one. And it sure was. But the ending was so worth the wait.


Agnes: Minsan, panahong lang ang ang kailangan sa pusong takot. At sa tamang oras, mawawala ang takot, at ang matitira na lang pagmamahal. Kasi hindi naman nawala yun e. I never stopped loving you.
Xander: Pwede ba Agnes, kahit ngayong gabi lang, let’s pretend na may tayo? That may foever tayo? Agnes: Paano? Xander: Halibawa, kung tayo ngayon, anong sa palagay mo ang ginagawa natin? Ako alam ko. I’ll be kissing you right now.

Let’s start with the iconic Kubo scenes. Para sa akin, ito ang core ng finale. Dito naresolve ang lahat ng differences ni Xander at Agnes. Dito nila nasabi sa isa’t isa ang lahat ng nararamdaman nila. Walang takot, walang galit. Lahat nilabas nila. Pero what made these scenes stand out is kung paano yung atake ng director sa scenes. Unang-una, halos hubad sila sa dito. Pero the way it was portrayed, walang kalaswa-laswa. Andun yung sensuality and maturity sa scenes. Mad props to Liza and Quen and Direk Cathy for wonderfully filming those scenes. Hats off ako sa inyo talaga.

Xander: Uy, huwag kang matutulog ha? Kasi ilang oras na lang ang forever natin e. Ha? Agnes: Hindi naman ako matutulog eh.


At yung “Kung Tayo” dialogue ni Xander at Agnes? My goodness, ang gagaling niyong mga writers. Inspired na inspired kayo no? Damang-dama mo yung bigat ng sitwasyon e. Hindi mo alam kung matutuwa or maiiyak kaming mga nanonood e. Yung bitaw ni Quen at Liza ng bawat linya, yung bawat patak ng luha, saktong-sakto. Ang husay lang. Katulad ng sinabi ko sa IG post ko, it’s still hard for me to explain my feelings for these scenes. The scenes are so powerful, they knock all the right words off my head.

That nose to nose scene – napansin niyo ba yung itsura nila nung naglayo na uli yung foreheads nila? That split second change of emotion? Kita mo na may luha na si Agnes at Xander sa mga mata nila. That was right before Xander proposes. Grabe lang ang scene na yun. Dito mo makikita how good Quen and Liza are as actors. I am very impressed. Quen improved so much since She’s The One. Doon ko kasi siya huling napanood e. I’d like to think na malaki ang naitulong ng Forevermore sa kanya as an actor. Grabe lang ang galing niya dito. Ang galing niya umiyak. Parang may gripo lang din ang mata niya. Alam kung kailan sa eksena ang saktong patak ng luha.

They pretended to have forever that night. Neither of them slept a wink. Then you faintly hear people screaming your name. You, at first, pretend not to hear them. But the voices become louder and louder and you know that’s it. That’s the end of your forever.

No lines are needed for this scene. Yung alam mong ayaw nilang bumitaw dahil yun na yun e. Dun na magtatapos ang isang gabing forever nila.

Alex: Basta tukayo, mangako ka ah. Promise mo na ah, hindi mo na ‘to uulitin sa iba. Kasi ang unfair e. Kasi masakit. Masakit na masakit. Ang sakit. Dali jokes, bigyan mo ako joke kahit isa lang, kasi ang sakit na dali. Isa lang. Xander: Anong fish ang tawag sa mga guwapong katulad ko? Alex: Ano? Xander: Selfish.

Okay, bago tayo pumunta sa ending scene, Erich’s character deserves some kind of recognition in this post. Dahil siya ang naging susi para ma-realize ni Xander ang mga pagkakamali niya. Hindi naman perfect ang bida natin dito. In fact, wala naman perfect sa kanilang dalawa ni Agnes. Pero with Alex, mas pinakita na ang pusong sobrang nasaktan, pipilitin magmove-on kahit na alam na may mahal pa talagang iba. Gustong-gusto ko yung final scene nila ni Xander. Alam na ni Alex e. Alam na niya ang mangyayari. Matapos niyang salubungin si Xander sa bundok, nakaramdam na siya. In fact, nung nalaman pa lang niya ang history ni Xander at Agnes, malamang alam na niya. Yun lang ang maganda kay Alex, her character was presented so well as a very jolly person, na medyo OA na nga kung minsan. Pero yun ang strength ng character niya, the viewers will be left to believe na kakayanin niya kahit na iwan siya ni  Xander. She said it herself na kaya niya yun.

Alex: Mahal mo pa siya no? Sige, wala naman akong magagawa e. Ganun naman dapat kasimple yun. Kung siya, siya. Kung ako, ako.

She handled the situation so gracefully, I give Alex props for that. Ang galing galing ni Erich sa scene na ‘to. Kita mo yung pagka-veteran niya in a way e. And Quen didn’t have much lines aside from “I’m sorry, Alex” but his facial expression was everything. Alam niyang kasalanan niya at humihingi siya ng tawad. Alam niyang masasaktan niya si Alex, pero he was man enough to apologize for his actions. Galing! And his fish joke was incredibly apt. Perfect lang e. Again, mad props to the writers.

Okay, final scene. I watched Lizquen on Asap today and they said they had a hard time filming the last scene. 2pm cutoff time usually nila para maibaba from Baguio ang mga nashoot na scenes para  ipalabas on the same day. One the same day! Grabe. E di sila na, fresh na fresh ang mga episodes na napapanood natin. Kaya walang “abangan” parati. But last Friday, past 2pm na, hindi pa nila natatapos i-shoot ang last scene. Yung ulan? Hindi raw inaasahan yun. So sabi raw ni Direk Cathy, ayan ang lines niyo, bahala na kayo mag-ad lib. Kasi medyo iba ang lines nila dapat, hindi na bagay sa panahon kasi umuulan. Sabi ni Liza, dapat daw may line siya na “Ang ganda ng view…” etc etc. E umuulan nga. Kaya pala naging ganun linya niya. Can you imagine, ad lib yun?! Or at least maraming ad lib sa final scene? Kaya pala e. Damang-dama. At sabi ko nga sa nanay ko nung nagkukuwentuhan kami tungkol dito, buti na lang, eye candy ang dalawang ito, Buti na lang ang guwapo at ganda nila pareho na kahit basa sila, wala, maganda at guwapo pa rin! HAHA.

Xander: Agnes, time may stop. The world may come to an end, pero hinding-hindi ako titigil na mahalin ka.

I love the fact that Agnes still goes to Japan and Xander doesn’t stop her but waits for her instead. Ika nga ni Agnes, mayaman si Xander, barya lang sa kanya ang pumunta ng Japan. Saktong realidad lang. Nangyayari naman talaga ito e.


Xander throws away the promise ring he gave Agnes.

Agnes: Hoy, bakit mo tinatapon?

Xander: E kasi, tapos nako sa promise-promises na yan. Tsaka di na ako naniniwala sa mga alamat ng kambal na strawberry.

Agnes: Alam mo, hindi na kita naiintindihan. Naguguluhan nako e.

Xander: Teka lang, teka lang. Pwede bang patapusin mo muna ako, ha?

Agnes: O, ano?

Xander: I don’t need a promise ring anymore because right now, I am about to make a vow. At hindi na rin ako naniniwala sa kambal na strawberry because the only thing I believe in now, is us. Since forever na tayo, dito na ako magtatanong. Kung saan humahalik ang langit sa lupa. Maria Agnes Calay, ang reyna ng strawberry jam at ang pinakamagandang kulot sa balat ng lupa, will you marry me?

Agnes: …

Xander: Oh dapat sinasabi mo na..

Agnes: Alam ko ang sasabihin ko, Mr. Alexander Grande III, wag mo akong pangunahan ah. Yes.

Xander: Mahal na mahal kita, Agnes. My love for you,

Agnes: Will be forevemore.

File 5-25-15, 2 54 30 AM

That proposal scene was perfect. Beyond perfect.  Simula sa pagtapon ni Xander sa promise ring, sa naguguluhang reaction ni Agnes, sa pagluhod ni Xander, hanggang sa pagsagot ni Agnes ng YES. Perfection at its finest. (Slight corny yung last line, pero sige nga, title ng series nila yun so pagbibigyan ko. LOL.) Ang laking tulong ng totoong feelings ng dalawang ito para sa isa’t isa. Lizquen, I mean. Aminado naman si Quen na mahal niya si Liza. He’s so obviously smitten by her. In love na in love po si kuya. And Liza looks so happy when she’s with him. Yes she’s young. And if Quen is seriously willing to wait, mukhang forever na nga ito katulad ng sabi niya. #tiwalalang

To the staff, writers and to Direk Cathy, saludo ako sa inyo! Congratulations sa success ng Forevermore. Galing niyo talaga!

Sa Lizquen fandom, silent follower ako ng Lizquen. I read your tweets sa hashtags every night. Alam ko medyo may gulo ngayon, pero sabi nga nila, stay classy guys! Alam niyo kung ano ang tama. And to Pao Flores, ang ate ng lahat ng Lizquen fans, maraming salamat sa walang sawang paggabay sa amin all througout the series. Isa kang institusyon. 🙂

Liza and Quen, maraming salamat. Ako ay inyong bagong tagahanga dahil sa Forevermore. Ma-mimiss ko kayong panoorin gabi-gabi. Bumili na nga ako ng first 2 volumes ng Forevermore DVD para hindi ko kayo masyadong ma-miss. And may Just The Way You Are pa naman. Sana makasama ako sa block screening, sana magtugma ang schedule. Good luck sa movie! I am sure successful yan. <3

And to borrow Xanders words:

YEEEESSSS! I love the rain! Thank you Lord! May forever nga! May forever!

Mac Rebel Dupe


I recently acquired Happy Skin’s Girls Night Out Lippie and when I wore it for the first time, I knew I had a similar shade in my stash. I’ve professed my love for MAC’s Rebel several times in my blog. Evidence 1 and 2. And I think Girls Night Out
 is a local dupe for it.


Girls Night Out is a little glossier because Rebel is a satin which is almost matte. In the photo below, I am wearing both lipsticks. Can you even tell the difference?

2015-03-11 10.38.57


I am actually wearing Rebel on left side, and Girls Night Out on the right. But seriously, I couldn’t even tell the difference.  MAC is locally priced at 1,000 pesos and Happy Skin is almost half the price at 549 pesos. If you’re on a budget, I say go with Happy Skin!

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