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The Ordinary Preorder Batch 4

Hi guys!

The Ordinary has been receiving a lot of love for the past year for their inexpensive but effective skincare products. I am not in the position to rave about it yet since I’ve only used Buffet for 2 weeks. So far, so good for now. No allergic reactions whatsoever.

But I know how hard it is to get hold of these items since they’re not yet locally available in the Philippines. I found US and UK suppliers of most of The Ordinary items and decided to do preorders for it.

I have been doing preorders of the products since April 2017 and I have a preorder ongoing. You may visit my shopee account to check my legitimacy and ratings:

You may also check my FB and IG account for proof of shipping:

Preorder Details:

  • Preorder deadline: June 25
  • Estimated arrival: July 20
  • Requirement: 50% deposit
  • I ship within the Philippines only.

Pricelist is found in the order form below:

Order form

Some of my bestsellers are:

  • Advanced Retinoid 2%
  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
  • 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%

Please do your research first before ordering because skincare is personal so each skin type will require or need different kind of product. I am not in the position to suggest what’s best for your skin type but I can suggest these articles and youtube videos that may help you decide on what to get:

Thanks for reading this post! Please use the order form if you’re interested to order.

My new baby: #Sunshinegirlbakes

I know I have not been posting for a while. And this post isn’t even beauty related. But yeah, this kept me busy for the past few months. I sold my cookies last year and this year, I tried experimenting early on with my cookies recipes so I can launch early. 

Instagram: @sunshinegirlbakes

Sunshinegirlbakes logo

Here are the flavors I offer this holiday season. This will be available all year round. I am in continually experimenting on cookie flavors so I hope to add more soon.

  • Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies*
  • Crispy Whites*
  • Levain Bakery Style Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies** 
  • Salted Caramel Brownies (8 x 8 in.)***

*For cookies, minimum of 20 pieces per flavor . Toffee Chocolate Chip and Crispy Whites can be mixed in a bag as long as you order at least 20 pcs of each flavor. 

**Minimum order of 15 cookies if ordered alone. 

***Minimum order of 2 boxes of 8×8 in. if ordered alone. 

You may refer to the price list below: For orders, kindly use this form. Orders must be placed at least 3-5 days before expected date of pickup. My cookies are made to order for guaranteed freshness.


Meetups are preferred but I ship items nationwide.  Shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer.  Kindly message me at sunshinegirlbakes [at] if you have any questions. Again, if you are ready to order, please use this form:


P.S. Thanks to Jeanina Franquelli (IG: jeaninafranquelli) and Rebecca de Roxas  (IG: bekssabaw) for the logo. And to Richard Ilagan (IG: richardneililagan) for the menu. 🙂

Luxola Sale! 20% off until January 2016!

Quickie post!

I was browsing through Luxola last night and I saw this:



Luxola 20off

Luxola is having a 20% discount for Visa cardholders until January 2016! Yes, you read that right, until next year. Unbelievable right? You get free shipping too if you buy at least 1,300 pesos worth of stuff. And you don’t have to worry about customs shizz since the package gets delivered directly to your house. I’ve ordered twice from their site already. *wink*

Remember, there are non-sale brands though, and it can be found here.  But still there are a lot of brands that you can choose from. There’s Sleek Makeup, Beauty Blender, The Balm, K-palette, etc. for the makeup category.  For skincare, there’s REN, Mario Badescu, This Works, VMV among others.

So what are you waiting for, time to browse their site!!! Click meeeee.

*Not sponsored*